gyula muskovics

by Hollow

ongoing since 2019

Summit is an immersive performance speculating about dark future scenarios. It foreshadows the obscure conditions of a planetary event that radically changes life on Earth. Resembling a funeral where melancholia goes viral, it invites the audience for a trip to the land of eternal mourning. As a way of overcoming our fear of the unknown, Summit offers the acceleration of the journey to the inevitable end. In this piece Hollow (Viktor Szeri, Tamás Páll, and Gyula Muskovics) uses multiple apparatuses to stage a seemingly dystopian reality where drops of unease plunge into the stream of hazy and dark fantasies. The group combines dance and role-playing with sound and augmented reality to build a gateway between the worlds of those present and the struggling bodies populating the fictional environment of Summit. What can be learned from the wretched? – the performance leaves such questions open. Instead of reaching the end where the answers could be found, it immerses the audience in the never-ending loop of speculations about what is yet to come. Paralyzed in the process of waiting for the “Future Event” the gatherers are confronted with the contours of a place where the dominant regimes of the present could lead us.

Created and performed by Gyula Muskovics, Tamás Páll, and Viktor Szeri

Guest performers: Darina Alster, Kaca Olivova, Kata Kállai, Ramóna Takács, Jenna Jalonen, Réka Oberfrank, Fanni Hegedűs, Júlia Vavra

Music composition and live performance: Tamás Marquetant and András Molnár

Performed at Donaufestival, Krems, AT; Sandbox Festival @MŰTŐ, Budapest, HU; Placcc Dance, Budapest, HU; MeetFactory, Prague, CZ; Y: Possible Futures, Divadlo X10, Prague, CZ; Ubik Eklektik Festival, Eger, HU; Under500 Festival, Budapest, HU; Public spaces of Budapest

Supported by the International Visegrad Fund, MeetFactory, Creative Europe - i-Portunus