gyula muskovics


mixed media (photographs, video, installations)

Concept: Lilla Szász and Gyula Muskovics

Photographs: Lilla Szász

Video editing: Barbara Ipsics

Exhibited at: Liget Gallery, Budapest (2015), OFF-Biennale Budapest (2015), Bánkitó Festival, Bánk (2016)

Positive is a dairy-like photo series that gives an insight into the personal story of an HIV-positive grandmother. Martha was infected by her husband in the early ‘00s, and now, as an activist, she considers her main mission to rebut myths and stereotypes about the disease. The images of Positive render the practically invisible issue of HIV and AIDS in Hungary as part of an everyday story. This story, however, raises uncommon questions, among others, about the concept of family.

Note: The video can only be seen upon request and upon the approval of the main character, Martha. If you are interested please e-mail me at

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