gyula muskovics

The Camp
by Hollow

ongoing since 2021

The Camp was a hybrid live role-play event, where participants enacted a fictional game made of Hollow’s obscure history. The Camp’s world was built on the group’s previous projects and characters (from Phoenix to The Archive) to create a non-linear narrative timeline, where entities from different eras met and enjoyed a meal cooked and spent together. The recipe was obscure as the Minotaur’s intentions, the time instructions were out of joint and the boiling point never ended, but the sprawling grains of this fictional history became soft and mushy in this night.

The Camp premiered as a one hour long documentary of a slow cooking show as part of Y: We are Not Alone (slow tv) II. online program organized by Divadlo X10 in Prague.

With the participation of and documentation by Carmen Czett, Adél Juhász, Csaba Molnár, Gyula Muskovics, Tamás Páll, Veronika Szabó, Viktor Szeri, Tamara Zsófia Vadas, Imre Vass, Júlia Vavra